Introducing the first 5-minute, affordable molecular diagnostic OTC digital device.

Molecular diagnostics reinvented

Prominex’s innovative dCliP molecular chemistry enables the first ever rapid and affordable infectious disease diagnostics for STIs and Respiratory pathogen testing in near patient settings.

  • Rapid – Sample-to-result in 5 minutes

    • 6x faster than other molecular OTC tests
  • Accurate – Comparable to other EUA OTC molecular tests

    • 100-1000x more sensitive than antigen tests
  • Easy-to-use – Simple workflow with digital results

  • Reusable– Device can be reused hundreds of times

  • Affordable – Low-cost test with reusable digital device

  • Multiplex– Capable of detecting 2+ targets

  • Accessible – Ideal for OTC, POC & LMIC settings

  • Scalable – Universal design format for high-volume manufacturing and government stockpiling

Easy to Use Workflow – Results in 5 minutes

“One of the main goals for POC devices is the development of a molecular amplification-based test that can provide results in 5 min at the cost of an antigen test.  Such a test would replace antigen tests while offering high sensitivity.”

Valera E, Jankelow A, Lim J, et al. COVID-19 Point-of-Care Diagnostics: Present and Future. ACS Nano. 2021;15(5):7899-7906. doi:10.1021/acsnano.lc02981

Our OTC solution was designed without compromise to meet all of the World Health Organization’s ideal test characteristics for use in LMIC settings.

  • Real-time Connectivity 

  • Ease of Specimen Collection 

  • Affordable 

  • Sensitive 

  • Specific 

  • User Friendly 

  • Rapid and Robust 

  • Equipment-Free 

  • Delivered to those who need it 

Assay Pipeline

• SARS-CoV-2 / Flu*

• CT / NG*

*In Development. Not available for sale.