A novel approach to molecular testing

Prominex’s proprietary chemistry is a novel approach to molecular testing, eliminating the limitations of current molecular chemistries.

  • Polymerase-Free – nuclease-based chemistry
  • No Thermal Cycling – less complexity
  • No Sample Preparation – direct from crude sample
  • Innovative Assay Design – eliminates background, enables and simplifies multiplexed assays
  • Room Temperature Stable no refrigeration or cold storage
  • Low-Cost Manufacturing – inexpensive cassette, off-the-shelf components from established US suppliers
  • QMS – product development under design control
  • Patented – protected by IP portfolio

Our solution is built around a simple but very powerful proprietary chemistry and an innovative low-cost, battery operated and portable reader. In recent studies, reaction product has been generated in just a few minutes and detected within seconds.  Our proprietary DNS enzyme has roots in genomics while our reader system is powered by rapid colorimetric technology. This molecular-based technology will enable global access to accurate and affordable molecular infectious disease testing.