Molecular diagnostics reinvented; introducing dCliP, an easy and efficient nuclease-based chemistry

Prominex’s proprietary dCliP chemistry is a novel approach to molecular testing, eliminating the limitations of current molecular chemistries.

  • Sensitive – 2.5 CFU of N. gonorrhoeae in vaginal swabs
  • Polymerase-Free – Duplex specific nuclease-based chemistry
  • No Thermal Cycling – Less complexity
  • No Sample Preparation – Direct from crude sample
  • Universal Design – Common components enable rapid development
  • Room Temperature Stable No refrigeration or cold storage
  • Internal Control Corrects for sample-to-sample variability and ensures test processing efficacy
  • No Amplicon Reduces risk of environmental contamination

Prominex’s proprietary dClip molecular technology uses a unique duplex specific nuclease (DSN), that selectively cleaves a synthetic DNA Reporter Complex when it hybridizes to a complementary RNA pathogen specific sequence in a clinical sample. When the dCliP Reporter Complex is clipped by the DSN enzyme, a colloidal gold moiety is released. A single pathogen RNA can trigger DSN clippage of thousands of dCliP Reporters in less than 3 minutes. The release of the colloidal gold moiety is monitored on a lateral flow strip using surface mediated reflectance photometry on a low-cost digital colorimetric reader. The DSN reaction takes place in non-processed clinical sample with assay amplification and detection steps in 5 minutes.